About the author

I am a graduate student enrolled in Hofstra University’s journalism program and a former Assistant Editor at the award-winning Long Island Report. I’m a freelance writer and former intern at Long Island Pulse Magazine. I have a B.A, in English with a concentration in Publishing from Hofstra.

Photo by: Mike Staincamp

Photo by: Mike Staincamp

I enjoy writing features, most often in the arts & culture or entertainment genres and I’ve always been inspired by film and television, despite rarely seeing my experiences authentically represented there. As a wheelchair user and part hispanic woman, I’m hyper-aware of stereotypes perpetuated in the arts and news media. I wanted to write a story that explained the importance of authentic representation, and celebrated people and organizations working to change the perception of the differently-abled community through art and advocacy. The idea to explore web series and disability came after I discovered “The Guild” and Teal Sherer’s “My Gimpy Life.”

While I love to write, I prefer editing. I enjoy helping others move pieces of their stories around  to create a different narrative they might not have seen. Sometimes I write fiction and read “Rolling Stone” archives. I’m addicted to “Grey’s Anatomy,” peanut butter and gummy bears.

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